Add Shadow and Overlay Styles to the Media & Text Block Using Kemet WordPress Block Theme

In this update, we’d love to let you know that Kemet, the new WordPress Block-Based Theme has implemented two styles to the Media & Text Block. Media & Text is a Gutenberg block where you can add an image or video side by side along with a text.

Shadow and Overlay Styles are are Currently Available Within Media & Text WordPress Block

Add Shadow Style to Your WordPress Media & Text Block

Kemet WordPress Block Theme has added two styles to the regular Media & Text block; those styles are Shadow and Overlay. These two styles will let you create stunning content layouts across your WordPress page.

Click here to get to know more about how to use those two styles within your Full Site Editing (FSE) WordPress Block-Based Website.

Newly Added Overlay Content Block Pattern Using Media & Text Gutenberg Block

We are committed to adding more WordPress Block-Based Patterns regularly. So, stay tuned for more patterns and exclusive features.