Improvements for Group Block in Kemet Full Site Editing Theme

Starting from WordPress 5.9, WordPress now is becoming more and more dependent on Gutenberg Blocks. So, we've started to extend blocks in Kemet Block Theme with more options to allow users to build their dream website.

Group Block makes Reusable blocks more useful, it contains other blocks together inside one container. So, it's a more lookalike section and we've extended its settings with Style section. Style section will help you to control the height of the section with the below options:

  • Fit to Screen: Select this option to allow your group to take full-screen width and height. It's very helpful with Hero Scenes.
  • Full Height: Select this option to allow your group to take full height 100vh. You will always be sure that this group take full height of screens on different responsive screens.
  • Sticky: Select this option to allow your group to be sticky while scrolling. You can use this make element sticky while user scrolling the page. For example, contact us button or any call to action button.
Red Arrow Pointing to Fit to Screen in Group Block Style Options
Fit to Screen Group in Kemet Block Theme

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