Introducing: 3 Pre-Designed WordPress Block Patterns and Much More are About to Come!

Nowadays, everything around us is changing so fast. Modern technology, automation systems, and many more factors are making our lives easier and simpler than before. Of course, this will impact the different business sectors across the globe including web technology.

Currently, WordPress is taking rid of its old dress. Now, we can say that WordPress is focusing on simplicity and minimalism for a faster workflow. No need for extra plugins to help you get your WordPress website done! The new WordPress 5.9 itself will do all the job for you based on the new Full Site Editing (FSE) experience.

From here we can say, WordPress Block Patterns are one of the most time-saver tools which will help you build/create your WordPress website in just a few moments using only a standalone Full Site Editing WordPress Theme.

You May Wonder, What are WordPress Block Patterns?

The Block Patterns Library is Available on

Simply, WordPress Block Patterns are pre-designed, ready-to-use templates/sections made of a group of blocks where you can edit, adjust, or remove any of those blocks. All you need to do is to select the pattern that suits your needs and insert it into your WordPress page.

Kemet FSE WordPress Block Theme & Block Patterns

We’d love to announce that Kemet currently includes authentic Pre-Built WordPress Block Patterns. All of them are carefully designed and adjusted to be used directly on your WordPress website with no hassles.

3 Block Patterns Has Been Added and Much More are Coming Soon!

The following Block Patterns have been added to Kemet Version 1.2.4. We are promising to add more Block Patterns to Kemet’s library in the nearest future. So, stay tuned for more!

  • Two Columns with Image, Text, and a Call to Action.
  • Information Blocks for Gardening Services.
  • Simple Call to Action Section.
New Block Patterns Added to Kemet Full Site Editing WordPress Block Theme


If you are willing to build a WordPress website and looking for a faster workflow, then you can rely on Kemet WordPress Block Patterns, the most powerful timer-saver tool which will allow you to get an entire WordPress page ready with just a few clicks! Select, insert, edit, and publish! That’s it.

The Block Patterns are offered from the library and Kemet the Full Site Editing WordPress Block-Based Theme. All of them are coming at no cost. So, make sure to give them a try now! Download Kemet WordPress Block Theme.