Kemet is Now Fully Compatible with WPML Multilingual WordPress Plugin

Kemet is Now Fully Compatible with WPML Multilingual WordPress Plugin

WPML Multilingual plugin version 4.5.4 has full compatibility with WordPress 5.9, Josephine. This version of WordPress is bringing the Full Site Editing (FSE) experience to life which will allow you to freely build and design your whole WordPress website visually using the new block editor.

Now, Kemet WordPress Block Theme is fully compatible with WPML, the most popular Multilingual plugin in the marketplace which means that you will get the ability to translate your whole WordPress website into any language professionally and easily like never before!

Rely on Kemet Full Site Editing WordPress Block Theme to Build Your Next WordPress Multilingual Website

The New Full Site Editing “WordPress 5.9”

If you updated your website to WordPress 5.9, then you will need to use a theme that supports the new Full Site Editing (FSE) experience. Once you install the theme, you will notice that the Appearance menu is replaced with a new Editor page which will allow you to fully control and customize your WordPress website from only 3 areas; Site, Templates, and Template Parts.

1. Editor > Site Simply, this took the old Customizer’s place and replaced it with powerful controls to customize your whole website visually by adjusting the Fonts, Colors, and your website’s Layout.

2. Editor > Templates The Templates are defining the look of your WordPress website and all of them are depending on the theme you are using. You will find templates for 404, Single Post, Blog Page, Archive Pages, and much more.

3. Editor > Template Parts The Template Parts are all about pre-built Header(s), Footer(s), Sidebar, etc. Also, The list you will see here is depending on the theme you are using.

Here, we recommended using Kemet the New Full Site Editing WordPress Block Theme, it comes for free with no charge! This theme is giving you powerful Templates and Template Parts that will help you get your next WordPress website done in minutes. Get it now from here.

WPML and WordPress 5.9

Kemet WordPress Block Theme Allows You to Translate Your WordPress Block Website Into Any Language Using WPML Plugin

Once you install and activate a Full Site Editing (FSE) theme, WPML the popular Multilingual WordPress plugin will give you the ability to translate your website’s Templates and Template Parts using the “String Translation” to translate specific text placed inside your WordPress templates.

For more details and instructions, make sure to visit our documentation articles.

Kemet and WPML Multilingual WordPress Plugin Will Help You Translating Any Text Located on Your Website

WPML Offers a New Language Switcher on WordPress Admin Login Page

It’s not new news to mention that WPML is giving you the ability to translate your WordPress admin login page, because this was already available a long time ago. The new news is, the WPML Multilingual plugin has updated its language switcher to be compatible with the new feature offered by WordPress 5.9, this feature is representing a new native language switcher for both the login and registration pages.

WPML Added an Updated Language Switcher for WordPress Admin and Registration Pages


If you are looking for building a standout multilingual WordPress block-based website with the new Full Site Editing tool, then you can use Kemet WordPress Block Theme. With outstanding performance, you will get a professional multilingual WordPress website.

As we mentioned before, we are working so hard to make Kemet a real All-in-One WordPress Block Theme. So, stay tuned for the upcoming features that will be submitted to the theme on weekly bases.