Kemet is Now WooCommerce-Friendly Full Site Editing WordPress Block Theme

Kemet is Now WooCommerce-Friendly WordPress Block Theme

People’s lifestyles across the globe became much more different than before. Most of us are no longer go shopping physically because of the time hassles and of course, because of some safety reasons, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, most of the sellers are looking for online selling – having an eCommerce website – because the cost is much less than the physical marketplaces/shops. 

From here we decided to make Kemet an “All-in-One” block-based WordPress theme. For that reason, we are working so hard to bring you all the features you’ll need to be able to get your next WordPress website based on the new Full Site Editing (FSE) experience exactly the way you want.

Today, we would love to announce that Kemet V1.2.2 became a WooCommerce-Friendly Full Site Editing WordPress Theme. Scroll down to get to know more about this update.

Firstly, What is The Meaning of “WooCommerce-Friendly” WordPress Theme?

Single Product and Archive Products’ Templates Added to Kemet WordPress Block Theme

Simply, WooCommerce-Friendly means that Kemet is now compatible with WooCommerce – The Free WordPress Plugin – which means that, if you are a Kemet user, you will get the ability to install and activate the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress Block-Based website. Effortlessly you will have a decent eCommerce website exactly simpler than you can imagine with absolutely minimum effort.

Get to Know About What this Update Includes for the WooCommerce

Kemet Version 1.2.2 is coming with two pre-built WooCommerce templates, those templates are Product Archive and Single Product templates. So, if you are looking for having a WooCommerce website built with Kemet WordPress Block-Based theme, you will get a standard style for the Product Archive and Single Product pages.

Kemet Full Site Editing WordPress Block-Based Theme Introducing WooCommerce Archive Product Template

Wait a Moment! I’m Not a Web Designer, Could You Please Clarify the Meaning of WooCommerce Product Archive and Single Product Pages?

Well, the WooCommerce Product Archive page(s) could be clearly shown within the shop and category pages. While the WooCommerce Single Product page is simply representing the page that will display all of the product details, starting from its name, its category, the item price, product details, etc.

Kemet WordPress Block Theme Added a Template for WooCommerce Single Product Pages


You can rely on Kemet the Full Site Editing WordPress Block Theme to build your WooCommerce eCommerce-based WP website as it simply offers what you will need to get your next WooCommerce with an elegant appearance and with outstanding performance.