New Addition: Light & Dark Color Palettes Added Recently to Kemet WordPress Block Theme

The Global Styles is one of the most powerful tools that came with WordPress 6.0 but before we proceed, what are the Global Styles? Well, the Global Styles are simply represented in Typography, Colors, and Layout which means you can customize your whole WordPress website from only one place called “Global Styles”.

Global Styles Variations in WordPress 6.0

Kemet WordPress Block Theme supports multiple sets of Global style variations in the Global Style sidebar, allowing users to switch between style variations with one click.

You can check the latest version of Kemet WordPress Block Theme to find the Global Styles’ variations feature located under “Browse Styles”, you can choose from six styles, all of them will help you create a good combination for your theme styles. The current Global Styles are (Default, Dark, Emerald, Soil, Stellar, and Sunrise).

Kemet Global Styles Variations

5 Colors Will Set Your Website’s Color Scheme

Control and manage your WordPress website’s elements color scheme using only 5 colors.

  • Foreground: Used for body text/headings, links, meta color, and forms’ input text color.
  • Background: Used for the background color.
  • Primary: Used for the links hover color.
  • Secondary: Used for footer text, headings, and links’ color.
  • Tertiary: Used for the footer background color.